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Ships Waste Collection



You wish to treat your waste liquid effluents at your plant

Waste Water Treatment Engineering

This department designs and proposes equipment, services and turnkey systems for treating or recycling your industrial wastewater on your production site.
The department encompasses a team of sales engineers, an R&D office and an after-sales service, and will implement a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution tailored to your specific situation.

Test your effluent without obligation

Contact us for a laboratory and/or on-site test.

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You wish to outsource treatment of your waste liquid effluents to our plant

Treatment and Recycling Plant

This department has the dual role of treating your waste liquid effluents at our plant and revaluate the hydrocarbons recovered.

Ideally situated in the heart of the port area, SEREP's treatment plant is strategically placed for receiving your waste water via road, sea or inland waterway.
The Treatment Plant is careful attention to identifying the nature of the effluents to be treated (quantity and quality of the pollutants).